Suggested Itineraries

We know it’s hard to plan a vacation.  Your time is precious and we want you to have a first-class experience with a personalized itinerary planned by a Chattanooga insider.  So whether you’re on a tight schedule and just have one day or you have several to really enjoy the region, we’ve gone ahead and put together itineraries from romantic getaways to family fun to girlfriend getaways and more.  Select your itinerary from below and enjoy a truly excellent experience here in Chattanooga!

  • Girlfriend Getaway in Chattanooga

    Girlfriend Getaway in Chattanooga

    Girlfriend Getaway ideas for Chattanooga, TN

  • Cooking Up the Perfect Mancation

    Cooking Up the Perfect Mancation

    The recipe for the perfect mancation is a simple concoction of live music, outdoor activity and beer. Wait…make that lots of beer. Fortunately, Chattanooga has all of these ingredients and more. Here’s what you need to whip up a great guys-only getaway.

  • History Buffs Itinerary

    History Buffs Itinerary

    For a history buff, deciding to visit Chattanooga is a no-brainer. The challenge comes when deciding what to do when you get here. Few places in the country can claim such a rich concentration of historical events, ranging from Paleolithic Native Americans to Civil War battles to the rise and fall of the Iron Horse. Below are some of Chattanooga’s top historical hot spots.

  • Art Lover's Itinerary

    Art Lover's Itinerary

    Voted #2 Top Arts Destination for Mid-Sized Cities by American Style magazine, Chattanooga is quickly giving new meaning to our moniker as the Scenic City. We rounded up three days’ worth of must-sees, but feel free to stay longer for true creative inspiration. Grab your brush, it’s time to paint the town cadmium red.

  • Luxury Itinerary

    Luxury Itinerary

    Welcome to Chattanooga 2.0. There’s no doubt our city makes a great destination. But if you’re looking for an upgraded version of the typical trip, read on for tips on how to see Chattanooga in style.

  • Foodie Itinerary

    Foodie Itinerary

    If you’re a true foodie, it’s not so much what you see and do in a city – it’s what you taste. With that in mind, we created a travel itinerary based around breakfast, lunch and dinner (with some activities to do while waiting for your next meal). Dive in to some of the city’s best bites.

  • A Week Long Romantic Retreat

    A Week Long Romantic Retreat

    Spend four to seven days in one spot and you just might have a conversation with your sweetie that doesn’t involve the glow of a screen somewhere. Luckily, Chattanooga hits all the high points on the romantic getaway checklist: noteworthy restaurants, gorgeous natural scenery and a downtown that’s both urbane and charming.

  • A Week’s Worth of Family Fun

    A Week’s Worth of Family Fun

    If you’re going to bother packing up the minivan, shouldn’t you stay longer than a few days? Sometimes you need a week’s vacation to connect with your kiddos, and to have a conversation that lasts longer than the commute to the soccer field. Happily, Chattanooga offers something for every family member, from toddler to senior citizen.

  • Three Day Romantic Getaway

    Three Day Romantic Getaway

    Three day long weekend Romantic Getaway to Chattanooga TN is all planned for you here. Enjoy!

  • Three Day Family Vacation

    Three Day Family Vacation

    Three Day Chattanooga Family Vacation is all planned out with our suggested itineraries. Enjoy!

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