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Re-live the pivotal battles that molded history. Because of its strategic location, waterways and rail systems, Chattanooga was considered the gateway to the deep south and a strategic location for both the Union and the Confederacy. Tour the Chickamauga Battlefield with an audio tour (car audio tour on CD), visit the park’s museum where you will see one of the most extensive arms collections from that period, the Fuller Gun Collection, then ascend to Lookout Mountain, the home of the “Battle Above the Clouds” where you can visit Battles for Chattanooga Electric Museum. Other gems like Ruby Falls and Rock City Gardens have historical links to the war between the states. 

Known for its famous train station, song and train: the Chattanooga Choo Choo; the city is rich with rail history.  Chattanooga is also the birthplace of the towing industry's first wrecker so be sure to stop by the International Towing Museum. From the railyard to the garage, Chattanooga and its unique sights will bring history back to life!

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