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Need Photos of Chattanooga to Accompany an Article?

Photos in this library may be used for editorial purposes ONLY. If you have any questions about copyright information, contact Candace Davis, Marketing & Public Relations Manager at or 423-424-4430.

Photo Credits:

  1. Where a photographer’s name is listed beneath a photo or category, the image must be accompanied by the photographer’s name
  2. If there is no photographer’s name, the image must be credited to the “Chattanooga Convention & Visitors Bureau” or “Chattanooga CVB”
  3. The image(s) will not be available for editorial use unless accompanied by a photo credit

The images are strictly for editorial purposes to accompany an article about the area or promote an upcoming meeting or convention that will be held in Chattanooga.

We will not approve photos to be used in advertising materials, real estate promotions, or for commercial use. We can provide a list of local photographers for you to purchase images from.

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