Cute? Sweet? Adorable? Whatever the words, here are some fun facts and adorable pictures of just a few of the lovable creatures at the Tennessee Aquarium that make us all say "awwww..."


Did you know? The Tennessee Aquarium is home to more turtle species than any other U.S. zoo or aquarium. Fun tip – chicken turtles can be identified by viewing from the back, because they appear to be wearing striped pants.




River Otters
River Otters use special flaps to close off their nostrils and ears when underwater. These amazingly talented swimmers can remain submerged for up to eight minutes on one breath! 

Miss otter antics between aquarium visits? Catch all the action on the River Otter Falls Webcam.




Gentoo Penguins, the third largest penguin species, are known to be the most curious of all penguins. Have you ever felt like one is watching you? 

They probably are! Curious what the penguins are up to today? Check out the Penguin Rock Webcam.



Insects cute? OK, maybe not what comes to mind, but oh so beautiful. And with newly hatched butterflies released daily, the Butterfly Garden is one of our favorite places.




The Dwarf Seahorse is one of the smallest seahorse species in the world. It’s easy to agree they’re cute, but we think most ladies would agree they are especially adorable because the males raise the babies.