The free Nightfall Concert Series, now in its 30th season, is held every Friday night from early May through late August.


Nightfall features a diverse schedule of quality musical entertainment with local openers and national headlining acts, many of whom are performing for the first time in our city. Bring your kids, lawn chairs, pets and friends to enjoy great live music, food and an ice cold beverage in the outdoor social atmosphere of Nightfall.

Here is the lineup which includes a local opening act as well!

San Rafael BandMay 5: San Rafael Band
The San Rafael Band perform a compelling blend of jazz and blues and they have created a new and popular sound that combines the best of salsa, Latin jazz and rock.Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, the San Rafael Band continues to fuse Latin Jazz with the broader adult contemporary market, taking the reigns as a leading Latin artist in Music City. The San Rafael Band’s music is a unique combination of the fiery guitar lines of Santana, the classical technique of Andreas Segovia, and the soulful and gritty vocal sound
reminiscent of Sting.

Opening Act: Unprotected Rex

The SuffersMay 12: The Suffers
Just as much influenced by classic rock & roll, country, Latin and Southern hip hop as they are the Stax/Volt or Muscle Shoals era, The Suffers are bringing a fresh approach to what they have coined Gulf Coast Soul. The band's sincerity and emotion are laid bare in their music, which has garnered an audience so broad and varied that they may prove to be the panacea for a jaded and stratified live music scene.

Opening Act: The Power Players: This Chattanooga group performs with a mixture of rockin' blues, electric funk, jazz, classic rock, and great Motown soul.

Monday Night SocialMay 19: Monday Night Social
Based out of Cleveland, TN (near Chattanooga) and known for their melodic blend of influences ranging from folk to blues with hints of bluegrass and pop, MondayNightSocial is a band poised to make their mark with unique songwriting and eclectic style. Their melding of various styles allows for a unique and resonant sound that compliments thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies.

Opening Act: Drakeford: This married duo has a very eclectic and soft sound mixed with a little bit of an Appalachian twist. That combined with heir chemistry on stage will transform you to a very tranquil place!

The Rad TradsMay 26: The Rad Trads
The Rad Trads originally came into being out of necessity and friendship, the story of every great band. Not so long ago, these talented, endlessly creative friends found themselves onstage with their rhythmic matter at a second legit gig trying to fill three whole hours of the long set. From that came a thousand and one sources of inspiration — New Orleans brass funk, swampy delta blues, straight-ahead rock ‘n roll, everlasting jazz — as well as several star-crossed performances, and the fusion of one, constantly evolving Rad Trad soundtrack.

Opening Act: The Jonny Monster Band's original mix of acoustic blues and hard dynamic electric guitar are not to be missed!

JakubiJune 2: JAKUBI
There’s always a party happening somewhere, and Jakubi provide the perfect soundtrack. That’s why the Melbourne, Australia quintet—brothers Jerome [vocals, keys, talkbox] & Jacob Farah [bass, moog], cousins Jesse Rehaut [drums, guitar] & Adam Kane [guitar, keys], and longtime friend Rob Amoruso [guitar, keys, drums]—immediately attracted a growing audience with their swinging, slick, and sizzling sonic buffet of pop, R&B, hip-hop, rock, and soul since first emerging in 2012. It all started as a good time…

Opening Act: Trent Williams: As a singer, musician, and music director, he brings an electrifying and authentic style that creates an unforgettable experience.

Divinity RoxxJune 23: Divinity Roxx
Her work includes elements of rhythm and blues, hip hop, funk, soul, and rock. As a rapper and bassist, her performances have been reviewed as radical and distinctive because of her unique ability to combine vigorous bass lines with simultaneous tongue-twisting yet authoritative rapping.Divinity Roxx is the bass player and Musical Director in Beyoncé’s band Suga Mama, an all female group created specifically to accompany Beyoncé.

Opening Act: Over Easy: This Los Angeles band that is dedicated to the groove. Drawing from musical styles ranging from soul to rock to funk, they incorporate these influences to produce uniquely original music. 

CavemanJune 30: Caveman
Their music carries both a professional air and world-weary rasp, an impression that’s borne out of the group’s credentials, and overlapping lives, as journeyman veterans of NYC’s massive music scene for the better part a decade.  Their rich, Brian Wilson harmonies are deployed in unexpected places, and are more haunting and reserved than uplifting.

Opening Act: Okinawa: Named after a Japanese Island, this Chattanooga band draws from the psych-folk of the '60s, and touches on a handful of sounds and textures without ever feeling complacent or meandering.

Shawn MullinsJuly 7: Shawn Mullins
Opening Act: The Mailboxes
Whether composing alone or with others - including Matthew Sweet and Pete Droge, his bandmates in the early-2000s trio the Thorns - Atlanta native Mullins has always been a dynamic songsmith. Forging influences from folk and R&B to traditional country and even Broadway musicals (the funky ones, like Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell) with pop-leaning melodic sensibilities, he crafts memorable, affecting tunes best defined as Americana.

Opening Act: The Mailboxes: Founded in 2009, this indie/alternative band out of Chattanooga will be sure to captivate the audience with their truly unique sound.

FoxygenJuly 14: Foxygen
Frequently compared to rock icons such as The Rolling Stones and David Bowie, this indie rock duo from Westlake Village, California is sure to wow. The band has a reputation for its unhinged live shows that leave the audience members feeling energized and pumped up!

Opening Act: Walrus: This band mixesgentle, Brian Wilson vocal melodies and orchestrations with out-of-the-blue punk thrash parts that keep listeners guessing.

FastballJuly 21: Fastball
With nearly 20 years of musical explorations and milestones under its belt, Fastball remains one of the most consistent and continuously celebrated rock bands on the road these days.Fastball combined a fondness for melodic, Beatles-inspired pop with the alternative aesthetic of late-'90s mainstream rock. The band's synthesis of modern flavor and bygone pop hooks will be sure to rock the house.

GreyhoundsJuly 28: The Greyhounds
Rising out of the Austin, Texas music scene, the Greyhounds, a duo comprising guitarist Andrew Trube and keyboardist Anthony Farrell, feature a unique sound that mixes R&B, soul, funk, and the Bakersfield country of Buck Owens into a style that has been described as "Hall & Oates meets ZZ Top," and the duo's exciting live shows have earned them a large and loyal fan following.

Opening Act: Rick Rushing & the Blues Strangers: This band is no stranger to the Chattanooga music scene. They can be heard all over the Scenic City singing the blues with that distinct Tennessee sound.

Ben Miller BandAugust 4: Ben Miller Band
Opening Act: Josh Driver & the Dixieland Playboys
The Ben Miller Band combinines the urgency of rock and roll, the frenetic energy of bluegrass, the soul of the delta blues and the haunted spirit of Appalachian mountain music into a unique musical stew that has a little something for everyone's musical taste buds.

Opening Act: Josh Driver & the Dixieland Playboys: These guys forge a distinctly Southern-influenced version of rock 'n' roll while also embracing the bucolic narratives common to country music. 

August 11: Major & The MonbacksMajor and the Monbacks
Major and the Monbacks style of music has been highly debated since the band’s inception. Fans and critics alike have argued relentlessly in an attempt to classify their sound. From garage rock to blue-eyed soul, from country funk to Beatlesque pop. Truthfully it’s all of the above and even a little bit more. The band simply calls it Rock n’ Roll.

Opening Act: Ashley & the Xs: This Chattanooga band got it's start here locally at JJ's Bohemia where the world was first introduced to their haunting bass riffs and sometimes hard driving rock & roll sound.

Mulligan BrothersAugust 18: The Mulligan Brothers
They describe their sound as Americana, folky singer/songwriter type stuff. They’re a group that finds their roots around the Mobile area which they say brings a unique coastal vibe to their music, as well as a cohesive sound seasoned with smooth stringed instruments and the occasional piano riff.

KP and the Boom BoomAugust 25: KP & The Boom Boom
Sometimes you want to lose yourself in music that sounds alluringly warm, impeccably played, and irresistibly moves the booty. KP and the Boom Boom’s sound was polished to shine like an enchanted trip in a cool, slick ride. Crafting a musical odyssey of love and magic, KP and the Boom Boom has delivered an epic next-generation neo-soul album of universal sound seduction and astute social commentary.

Opening Act: Sistren: This band hailing from Chattanooga brings a soulful sound to the stage with harmony that just fills your soul and a beat that makes your feet tap to the rhythm.


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Opening acts begin at 7:00pm with a nationally touring headliner taking the stage at 8:00pm. Bring your kids, lawn chairs, pets and friends to enjoy great live music, food and an ice cold beer in the outdoor atmosphere of Miller Plaza. Here is a list of the local opening acts: May 5 - Unprotected Rex, 


More than just a combination of great music and concessions, Nightfall has brought us together as a community. With careful attention to artist selections, Nightfall offers a musical lineup as diverse as the faces in the crowd, and helps enrich Chattanooga's cultural offerings. 
In addition to providing curated entertainment, Nightfall has always played a key role in promoting the overall health and animation of downtown Chattanooga. There's something very special about the community Nightfall creates - the spirit of Nightfall - that make it a one-of-a-kind intangible for our city.


Over the course of 30 wonderful seasons, Nightfall has grown into Chattanooga’s signature summertime program for Chattanooga and the surrounding region. Known for its family-friendly environment as well as being recognized nationally for the quality of its musical programming and locally as “Best of the Best” for Chattanooga Events, Nightfall is a family-friendly concert series with an average attendance of between 2,500-3,000 each night.

For more information on this FREE community concert series, call 423.265.0771 or visit for a complete, interactive website that includes music samples by each headliner, as well as other important information for first-time attendees.