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Mary Howard Ade
Cultural Tourism
(423) 424-4458
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Mary Berg
Database Administrator and Network Support
(423) 424-4422
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Jeanna Davis
Membership & Tourism Assistant
(423) 424-4439
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Lori Dodd
Director of National Accounts
(423) 424-4432
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Brant Donlon
Sports Account Manager
(423) 424-4456
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Dawn Gilbert
Sales Coordinator
(423) 424-4457
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Ashley Holden
Sports Account Manager
(423) 424-4453
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Michelle Lawson
Director of Convention & Visitor Services
(423) 424-4419
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Candace Litchfield
Marketing and Public Relations Manager
(423) 424-4430
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Tim Morgan
President, Chattanooga Sports Committee
(423) 424-4415
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Brian Murphy
Vice President of Sales
(423) 424-4465
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Shelda Rees
Director of Tourism
(423) 424-4431
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Kami Rowe
Public Relations Specialist
(423) 424-4429
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Dave Santucci
Vice President of Marketing
(423) 424-4423
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Marci Smith
Director of National Accounts
(423) 424-4420
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Morgan Smith
Team Leader, Visitor Services
(423) 424-4434
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Jeannie Tatum
Director of National Accounts
(423) 424-4459
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Adrienne Terry
Director of Multicultural Accounts & Convention Services
(423) 424-4424
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Barry White
President and CEO
(423) 424-4426
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Mike Zumbaugh
Chief Operating Officer
(423) 424-4425
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