Drawing Realistic Portraits with Kate Zambrano

Dates: 3/14/2020, 3/15/2020

March 14 & 15 | 2020
10 am-5 pm
Instructor: Kate Zambrano

Kate Zambrano’s charcoal drawing workshops are where she dives deep and transparently to share her techniques, tools, and process to learn how to make charcoal portraits you will be proud of regardless of your skill level.

This two-day charcoal drawing workshop will include demonstrations as well as individual guidance and feedback. Students will focus on the importance of placement accuracy, values, edges and textures. Day one will include an introduction and discussion of the usefulness of photography in references for drawings. Kate will show students how she does her photoshoots, editing, and drawing set-up. She will do a portrait demo from the photo reference for the first half of the day. During the second half of the day, students will bring in (or take a new) photo reference from which to work. A model will be available for this portion of the workshop. The second day will be devoted to students drawing with hands-on help from the instructor.

Materials List:
– Grey toned paper (I will be using Strathmore or Canson)
– Bic mechanical pencil
– Charcoal pencils (General’s makes a great set that includes a 2B, 4B, and 6B pencils)
– General’s White Charcoal pencil
– Sennelier pastel, both black and white
– White gel pen (optional)
– at least two Trekell round hog bristle brushes (#4 is a good size)
– Pencil sharpener
– Gum eraser
– Q-tips
– Clipboard for paper
– Camera or iPhone (plus computer/tablet if you will be working from the reference on a larger screen)
– Artists’ Tape

Class cost: $425 per student

About the instructor:
Kate Zambrano was born in Texas and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. In 2011, she was introduced to the world of fine art and left the fashion industry to spend the next two years teaching herself to draw. It was a seemingly long and arduous journey, garnering techniques through trial and error. But every now and then, a small epiphany would occur to assure her that she was on the right path. Each step was a building block for the next. Kate says ” I am constantly learning and trying to better both myself and my work. I enjoy applying my major influences together in my art – the systemic urge to understand human behavior and the beauty in expressive nuances. These pieces are not just work to me, they are my life.” Kate regularly teaches drawing workshops in Los Angeles and is an instructor at Art Escapes Italy.

Drawing Realistic Portraits with Kate Zambrano
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