Spectral Alignment Gala Costume Ball

  • 827 Broad St
  • Chattanooga, TN 37402
  • Presented By: Connooga Multi-fandom convention
  • Location: Chattanooga Read House
Recurrence: Recurring on the 1st day of January

A tug from within your chest, a catch in your breath. You're being beckoned. Called.

Once a spectral year - the nexus of all time and space aligns. All worlds, all times, all universes fall into one-ness and overlap just a bit around the edges.

You open your eyes and find yourself in an unfamiliar setting - a ballroom, candles flickering and the scent of fine food and drink in the air. Strange but pleasant music low - you hear voices.

A sea of faces, some you know - some you do not, gaze back at you.

A soft breath, on the verge of a relieved sigh -seeming to come from everywhere. A finely dressed woman and her three lords nod to you - her voice wispy and clear, but her lips do not move.

"I was beginning to become concerned. I am glad youve arrived safely. Welcome to the Crystal Capital; we are awaiting a few more. Please, make yourself at home."


This event is open to all larps/larpers, cosplayers, costumers, and anyone interested in a night of mystical glamour.

This is a masquerade ball and costuming is REQUIRED. You will not be admitted in "street clothes". Cosplay welcome, along with larp gear - however, we ask that no weapons be brought.

We will provide photographers, but we ask that you only tag yourselves in photos as some of those attending may like to keep their hobbies private. Please ask for permission before photographing people - or you may be asked to excuse yourself from the festivities.

In an effort to accomodate younger guests and those who do not partake while also serving those who do - the event will be cash bar. We will provide a tokens/ticket for drinks with every admission, and you may give those away at your leisure. We will also be offering 2 raffle tickets with each admission, which you can use to win bar tabs, game passes, or ConNooga badges!

Spectral Alignment Gala Costume Ball
  • 827 Broad St
  • Chattanooga, TN 37402
  • Chattanooga Read House
  • $35
  • Recurring on the 1st day of January