Strange-Making Opening Reception

Dates: 3/23/2018, 3/24/2018, 3/25/2018

Strange-Making is a regional group exhibition of works from Eleanor Aldrich, David Onri Anderson, and Amy Pleasant curated by Mirel Crumb.

This trio exhibition was curated around the concept of defamiliarization, Viktor Shklovsky’s term Ostranenie, the technique of describing something familiar in a way that makes it appear unknown. Often used in riddles, this technique is often employed to draw attention to absurdity that has become overlooked.

These paintings and sculptural works are representational but rather than being documentation of observed reality or narrative depictions, these images are archetypes each artist has formed through sustained investigation of a subject. Each work presents its own visual dilemma. Amy Pleasant creates uncanny flattened shapes that evoke the figure indirectly. Eleanor Aldrich has a series of paintings that focus on the interaction of skin on a the tight grid of a lawn chair back, she thickens and embeds oil paint until it mimics her subject. David Onri Anderson’s apple core paintings present an impossible object that is believable and familiar.

Opening Reception: 5pm to 8pm on March 22.
Open Hours: 11am to 7pm on March 23 and 24.
And 12pm to 4pm on March 25.

Strange-Making Opening Reception
  • 615 McCallie Avenue
  • Chattanooga, TN 37403
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  • The Apothecary Gallery
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