Untold History: A Black History Experience

Dates: February 28, 2018

History is plagued with untold stories. Brown hands that build nations go uncelebrated. Voices of generations are silenced in the noise. This experience seeks to bring light to some of these hidden histories and stolen futures through song and the power of the spoken word. This show is dedicated to the Scenic City Ark, a collective of ministries that actively use their reasource to provide food, clothing, and even financial support to those in need. A huge number of these people served happen to be African American.

"It is our belief that the love of God is shown through Acts of Random Kindness, and blessings are granted not only to those less fortunate, but to the many volunteers that choose to make Scenic City ARK part of their outreach efforts. Moving into more areas of service, Scenic City ARK continues its mission by providing numerous ways for people to help people." - Scenic Ciry Ark

It is our hope with this performance that we can do like the great negro artists of the past and break the bondages of marginilization and the cycle of poverty with our creativity.

General Admission: $10

Untold History: A Black History Experience
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