Bike Chattanooga

  • 2101 Chestnut Street
  • Chattanooga, TN 37408

Places to Go, People to Meet, and an entire community to explore.

An eco-friendly, economical public bicycle transit system, Bike Chattanooga offers quick, fun travel in and around the city. Chattanooga’s Bicycle Transit System offers a green, healthy way to get around with 334 easy-to-use bikes and 37 stations spread throughout the downtown area, Northshore, Southside, UTC Campus, and spanning up the Riverwalk to the Hubert Fry Center

Bike Chattanooga can help you run errands, explore, or get across town for dinner with friends quickly and in style. Two access options are available depending on your needs. Frequent riders save money and time by becoming a Bike Chattanooga Annual Member for $50. Riders wanting a quick adventure have the choice of a 24-Hour Access Pass for only $8. A 3-day pass is available for $15.

Download the Transit App to quickly find nearby bikes and station status. Available for both Apple and Android platforms.

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