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Experience the science of cinema raised to the level of magic. Chattanooga is one of the only cities in the world with IMAX’s next-generation digital laser projection system.

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Great Barrier Reef 3D

Explore the amazing diversity of life and fragile beauty of the largest living structure on earth through the eyes (and lens) of one of its most unexpected residents and greatest champions: conservationist and underwater filmmaker Jemma Craig. Narrated by Eric Bana.

Superpower Dogs 3D 

Meet some of the best, brightest and most-talented representatives of man’s best friend. Learn how these powerful pups use their special skills to help disaster victims, protect endangered species and even give comfort to victims of trauma. Narrated by Chris Evans. 

Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation 3D 

Volcanoes are simultaneously one of nature’s most-destructive and life-giving forces with the power to destroy while also paving the way for more life in the aftermath of their eruptions. Learn more about these incredible geologic furnaces through footage offering never-before-seen views of lava lakes, acid ponds and undersea hydrothermal vents.

Meru 2D - January 24 & 25 at 7pm

After suffering dramatic setbacks in their personal lives, three close friends who are among the world’s best professional climbers battle their complicated pasts, inner demons and nature’s harshest elements in an attempt to confront the Shark’s Fin on Mount Meru, the most technically complicated and dangerous peak in the Himalayas. (Rated R for language)

The Dawn Wall 2D - January 31 & February 1 at 7pm

In an unbelievable story of perseverance, free climber Tommy Caldwell and climbing partner Kevin Jorgeson attempt to scale the impossible 3000 ft. Dawn Wall of El Capitan. (Rated R for language)

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