Environmental Initiatives

The Chattanooga Convention Center performs multiple sustainable practices to be energy efficient and minimize environmental impact. Chattanooga has the first Center in the nation to incorporate the sophisticated "day lighting" technology in the exhibit halls, which allows natural sunlight to filter in through 30-foot ceiling openings and complement the buildings artificial light.

The center incorporates green initiatives as the standard for all events held at the Convention Center. Practices include:

  • Recycling: Convenient access to recycling is available for all meeting attendees. The facility actively collects for recycling all materials that are recyclable in the area.
  • Water: Water will be served in pitchers.
  • Food Service: Washable, reusable cups, "glasses" dishes are used. If disposables must be used, there will be no "Styrofoam" (expanded polystyrene) and disposables are high recycled content and/or bio-based and must be collected for recycling.
  • Writing Materials: Pens and pads will not be placed unless ordered by the client.
  • White Boards: White boards and markers will be used instead of flip charts.
  • Box Lunches: Box lunches are not served (unless group is departing for an excursion). If box lunches are requested, the lunches are served in other than virgin paper.
  • Communications: All communication with potential guests is electronic, other than what is legally or brand-standard required to be maintained in "hard copy" form.
  • Environmental Controls: Temperature in the meeting room is individually controlled and is maintained between 68 and 72 degrees (winter/summer).
  • Table Cloths: If cloth table cloths are used, they will be washed during the event only if visibly soiled.
  • Signage: Event signage lists all "green activities" practiced in the planning and operation of the event.
  • Leftover Food: All remaining food items will be donated.

The Chattanooga Convention Center is proud to be Green Certified through the Tennessee Green Hospitality Certification Program